A Custom CMS, On Steredoids

Project Description

iMAGECLOUD is an online company to connect all the pieces in Real Estate marketing, from the Photographer that take the property pics, to the final Real Estate Agency, will use those images printed on newspapers, ads on internet, etc.

This started as a system that could manage Photographers' uploads for Suppliers to retouch the images, and now it's a complete solution which covers from the uploading of any media files, an invoicing system, a noticing system for Users & Clients, a full real-time updated dashboard with charts and graphs, and many, many more features.

Project Details

Date: 2012 - 2019
Client: iMAGECLOUD Pty Ltd.


The Portal has many features: it's fully responsive, it uses a HTML5 uploader and multi-uploader (users can program batch uploads for their jobs), There are several level of users, including Photographers, Staff (Photographers' Employees), Clients (Real Estate Agencies), Agents (Employees of Clients), and inside Suppliers, we have Retouchers, Videographers, Floor Planers, etc... The system also includes a gallery system, where you can manage different albums, create presentations, share media, etc...

The portal itself is an only-member site, so it's not possible to use it for a non-Member. Although, you can visit the main public page.

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